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About Us

Gear Hub started back in 2012 as a place where our friends and family could pick up custom gear for parties, tailgates, and everyday wear, without having to pay and arm and a leg for them! We began finding great products at affordable prices, and in turn receiving overwhelmingly positive responses from our fast-growing Facebook communities.

After serving OVER 10,000 customers, what started as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time quest for uniques items, apparel, necklaces and more! Every one of our items is unique and handmade-to-order for you! 

We strive for outstanding customer service and our goal is to make sure you always leave our site with a smile. Our customer service team members will always respond within 24 hours, so please reach out to us! We’re looking forward to serving you as one of our next 10,000 happy customers!

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